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The Original Dreamer

Saa Kagah
Age Old
Status Level 1 Dreamer
Occupation Trader

The first capsuleer to ever enter the Dream and the formal leader of the corporation, even though he rejects that title. He grew quite after climbing the Spire for the first time, secretly planing another trip.

The Firestarter

Arwen Estalia
Age 20s
Status Level 1 Dreamer
Occupation Wormhole Diver

Even though Arwen is a relative young woman, she has more experience than most capsuleers in The Ever Dawning Planet. This experience awarded her with the role of "Security Officer". A role she took reluctantly.

Silent Frank

Frank Cordell
Age Unknown
Status Awake
Occupation Junior Mining Foreman

As his name suggests not much is known about "Silent Frank". Not even Saa knows about his motives. All we know it that he's training to become a mining foreman. His views on The Ever Dawning Planet are not known, or how he's trying to achive greatness.