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The interview

by Saa Kagah.

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Getting to know Saa Kagah

"One minute, people..." The stage is set and the spotlights are adjusted one last time before the recording starts. Saa sits on one of the two comfy, red leather armchairs, the young reporter that invited him opposite. He looks at her with a confident smile, crosses his legs and wiggles his hanging foot around. Does he *want* to appear like some underworld criminal boss, or is there actually something shady about him. Surely the women opposite of him must be initimdated. Her name is Colette Mosalles, a young local news reporter trying to get out of the loop of having to report the same old stories about the futile decisions of small local goverment agencies that noone ever cared about. It is obvious. Cheap shoes, lots of make-up and an overly tame dress. She's trying to look older and more important than she is, as she's giving commands to the staff so dull and about obvious things that only a child would be fooled and think she actually knew what she was doing. Saa tilts his head as he watches and tries to analyze her. He chuckles softly, closes his eyes and thinks to himself: "I shouldn't be so harsh."

A red light flashes as the cameras start to record. Colette adjustes her hair, clears her throat and faces one of the cameras: "Today I am joined by Mr. Saa Kagah, the leader of the portentous corporation known as 'The Ever Dawning Planet', a group dedicated to scientific advancements and humanitarian aid. Welcome Mr. Kagah." Saa nods, still with a confident smile on his face. "Thanks for having me, Colette. And please, our public relations may not be the best, but I woudn't think that makes us potentous. We are a regular corporation by CONCORD standards."

"Then please, Mr. Kagah, in your own words, what is it your corporation does?"

"It is as the records say. We are a group of scientists working on solutions for a brighter tomorrow. We just do it in unconventional ways."

"Please explain."

Saa chuckles. "We are not like normal humanitarians that ferry goods to people in need." He leans in ever so slightly. "Our work is far more imporatant than that. It approaches the will to help people on a different level. Starting in people's heads. What would you prefer? Helping people who are suffering, or trying to stop the suffering from occuring in the first place?" Colette smiles for a split second before Saa continues. "You see, I believe there is a metaphysical connection between the subconscious mind and achieving true happiness. Our mind is sending messages to us so to speak, about the things that weigh as down as humans. The things that cause us to do horrible things to each other."

"So your work is psychological in nature?"

"Yes, it is about trying to better ourselves. To become the best us we can possibly be.

"Does that involve engaging in piracy across multiple systems?"

"I think you're referring to the suspect reports surrounding our security forces. You have to understand that we are constantly trying to address this issue as part of our work. I find it quite natural to be honest, to add pirates and the likes to our ranks. After all, those are the people that require the most of our help, so why should we not keep them as close as possible."

"So you're suggesting that your group acts in a way that directly opposes your goals because those are just hard cases?"

"Good, Colette, you're beginning to understand."

"What about the reports of abductions?"

"Another attempt of the headline craving press to sell their media. It is true that I am searching for people with strong emotions. They are critical for our research as we're trying to find out what makes us the way we are. But everyone associated with us is here on their own free will, and they may leave whenever they please. There were never any abductions."

"Please elaborate, Mr. Kagah. Who are those people you are searching for?"

"Every human feels a connection between their subconsciousness and the person they want to be. It manifests in their morality and remorse. Special capsuleers can however experience it in a form regular humans cannot. The key lies in the mind transfer technique of the Jovians. I believe it causes our mind, our awareness and memories to diverge into a single point for a moment, metaphorical speaking of course."

"What does this experience look like?"

"It manifests as dreams, most often upon death, as I explaind. To me it happend for the first time when I was climbing The Spire, aimlessly wandering through the vast empty of space. As my pod was shattered I dreamt of the ever dawning planet for the first time. Its glowing horizon was like an evil grin, as if it was purposly trying to block my view on the light beyond - like an evil guardian of the promised paradise..."

"A planet? Is that where the name of your corporation comes from?"

"Of course. It's the image that I and all the special people I mentioned share. It is both question and anwser. Lock and key."

Colette looks down at her notes resting in her lap. She searches for a way to continue this interview in a more casual tone. "Tell me about yourself, Mr. Kagah."

"I am an amarrian noble. I spent most of my life as a humble sevant to the Empire and its glory. That was before I discoverd a higher meaning in life of course."

"To which house were you born?"

"Please, Colette, I doubt that your audience would be interested in the life of an old man. All that's important is where I am and what I do right now.

"Then allow me one last question, Mr. Kagah."

"Please, go ahead."

"What will the future of 'The Ever Dawning Planet' look like?"

"That entirely depends on our advancements in unraveling the mystery of human nature. If we manage to find out what this planet we're dreaming about means, then we might be able to exterminate the demons inside of us and lead humankind into an age of enlightenment and peace. Utopia. And should we fail, humans will keep bashing each others heads in for all enternity."

"Thank you for your time, Mr. Kagah."

Saa nods.