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The Ever Dawning Planet

The Ever Dawning Planet is a roleplaying corporation based in the MMO EVE ONLINE. It is an experiment on collaborative writing and world building in a setting based on Lovecraftian horror. This website is the shared platform for these stories and documents the works of the corporations members. It also bundles the ongoing lore of the project.

The Premise

On January 4th, YC123, a capsuleer named Saa Kagah was flying through the vast and seemingly endless void of New Eden, searching for purpose. This was until some henchmen of the local Overlord spotted him in his tiny pod, not much more than a nutshell in the tides of spacetime. This is not important however. Important is that as his pod was shattered and his mind was transfered into a clone far away, he entered a dream like stasis that allowed a glimpse at what the fearless pilot would later name "The Ever Dawning Planet":

"In my dream I was floating in space with no sense of direction, no sense of motion. In front of me was a great void and no star punctured the utter blackness. This is what a dieing man would see, as he crossed over to the afterlive. But I was no dieing man. As a capsuleer I don't die; not really anyway. I felt warm, as if a distant voice was saying: 'Do not be afraid, child. The way beyond awaits you'. Panic set in. I AM IMMORTAL. Even though my mind and body felt tired, I refused to give in. I forced myself to turn around, away from that nasty void that was calling me. This is when it appeared the before me. A black disk with a bright halo. I was not sure what I was seeing. A portal maybe?

My forehead wrinkled as I stared at the entity in confusion. This is when I realized it came closer. Faster and faster, like I was falling towards it. It was a planet, the halo the shine of an unknown star beyond.

I'm awake..."

If you want to know more, send a mail to saa.kagah@disroot.org or an ingame mail to 'Arwen Estalia'.